Human Security For All at the Milan Design Week With Artist Maria Cristina Finucci

Milan (Italy) 19 April 2023

Fresh water, clean oceans and uncontaminated shores are just a dream for most people of the world. The progressive destruction of the aquatic ecosystem results in environmental degradation, and it is tantamount to loss of life. The loss of aquatic life, the loss of biodiversity directly impacts human security.

HS4A proudly collaborated with artist Maria Cristina Finucci at the Milan Design Week “Fuori Salone” to present a luminous installation on the theme of water: H2O HELP. A visual demonstration of the epochal change of our ecosystem and a creative way to entrap tons of plastic caps packed into colorful nets.

When shores are littered with plastics when microplastics become part of our food chain, the unintended consequences are devastating, and wasteland floats adrift. We cannot keep looking at the other side, simply because there is no other side. We are all connected by the same particles, the same currents, the same water. Therefore, we need to generate public awareness and policy changes to preserve life on Earth and Human Security for All.

Human security and the environment are inextricably linked. Environmental changes threaten our food supply, impact our health and well-being, limit our livelihoods, and harm our communities.

But it’s not too late for us to take action, to reverse the consequences of so many man-made disasters, restoring ecosystems and regenerating the environment through eco-friendly actions and renewable energies.

The HS4A Campaign and the Milan Design Week

The HS4A is a multi-partner networked campaign that engages a wide range of people from around the globe with the aim of generating widespread awareness and build momentum for a transformative social movement that calls for and advances human security for all. 

The Milan Design Week is the biggest annual design event in the world that welcomes more than 370,000 visitors attending exhibitions across the city.