An Insecure World

For many people, today’s world is an insecure place, full of threats on many fronts.
It’s time to build a global constituency and galvanize people around a vision of human security for all.

We are a global campaign
seeking solutions to global
problems and promoting
Human Security For All.

War & Violence

Poverty, Hunger & Inequality

The Climate Emergency



We need to think differently.

We need to unite around human security.

A world in which
people's survival, livelihood
and dignity are secure.

A world in which people can
flourish and reach their full

We are

Upcoming Events


The HS4A campaign will take part in the world’s largest green and environmental event in Dallas, Texas, from 19-23 April

Human Security Press Summit

Foreign press from around the world will engage with human security experts at this world-first event in September.

Amateur Radio Week

Hundreds of thousands of members of The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), will connect around the theme of human security on World Amateur Radio Day, April 18

Campaign Spotlights

Technological innovation to promote human security is a major theme at CES 2023, the world’s largest technology show on January 5–8, 2023.

Art for the World’s “Interactions” screened at a high-level forum on climate change and heritage in Florence, Italy on 15 December 2022.

Young artists painted their visions of human security, featured in ChildArt, the magazine of the International Children’s Art Foundation.

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Act now to guarantee human security for all.

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We are calling
for action.

For safe and inclusive communities.
For a just world.