Free Download: Technology as a Force For Good Report 2024

Each year, London-based organization Force For Good releases its “Technology as a Force For Good” report. The 2024 report released at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, January 2024, was hosted by the Consumer Electronics Show and highlights ten technology solutions that can substantially contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals In addition, 19 core technologies are also identified as the focus of the top 100 tech companies that are competing for the future. 

Technology has been the determining factor of human progress throughout history. It has enabled the creation of secure societies by making it easier for people to access food, water, and shelter, and to create prosperity by scaling their economies at home and trading with their neighbors.

However, it is also a double-edged sword that provides the means for the strong to conquer the weak, and the 20th century has shown Man at his most inventive and aggressive in asserting himself over other people, nature, and planetary boundaries. The net success of today’s technology-fueled civilization is that it is the most prosperous in the history of the world because it is now a world interlinked through communication networks and global systems of finance, economics, and trade, enabling flows of people, capital, and resources from every corner of the world to anywhere in the world. This is a world underpinned by a multi-lateral system of governance, in the form of the UN, that aspires to solve every human issue and raise every individual to peace, prosperity and freedom. Each year London

Download the “Technology as a Force For Good Report 2024” here

Statement by Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

“We need a race to develop AI for good. To develop AI that is reliable and safe and that can end poverty, banish hunger, cure cancer, and supercharge climate action. AI that propels us towards the Sustainable Development Goals. That is the race we need, and that is a race that is possible and achievable.”
“I have been following the development of AI for some time…But like everyone here, I have been shocked and impressed by the newest form of AI, generative AI, which is a radical advance in its capabilities. The speed and reach of this new technology in all its forms are utterly unprecedented …

It is clear that AI will have an impact on every area of our lives – including the three pillars of the United Nations. It has the potential to turbocharge global development, from monitoring the climate crisis to breakthroughs in medical research. It offers new potential to realize human rights, particularly to health and education. But the High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed alarm over evidence that AI can amplify bias, reinforce discrimination, and enable new levels of authoritarian surveillance …
We must work together for AI that bridges social, digital, and economic divides, not one that pushes us further apart. I urge you to join forces and build trust for peace and security.”

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