Oppenheimer: Lessons From History That Will Shape Our Future

The release of the highly acclaimed movie Oppenheimer highlighted some highly significant events that have shaped the course of history for the past 75 years.

These events brought about revolutionary changes in the role of science in global society, in the social responsibility of scientists, and in efforts to establish global institutions for the governance of science and technology. They led directly to the founding of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) in 1960 and have guided its program of activities for the past six decades. They continue to have profound implications on efforts to address global challenges such as AI, climate change and other threats to human security confronting the world today.

The first video below is an overview of events from the Manhattan Project in 1945 up to the launching of the Human Security For All (HS4A) global campaign by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and WAAS earlier this year.

Below is a conversation between Garry Jacobs, President of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), and Charles Oppenheimer, the grandson of WAAS co-founder Robert Oppenheimer, which highlights important insights regarding the revolutionary impact the events of 1945 still have on the world today, and how these might affect our future. 

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