COP28: Why The World’s Collective Problems Matter On a Personal Level

Dr Marta Neskovic is an associate fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) an institution founded over 60 years ago by leading thinkers of the time including Albert Einstein. 

Speaking to OnePoint5Media and Allied4Future at COP28 in Dubai, Dr Neskovic says the “collective problems we face matter on a personal level” and that “reconciling the individual wellbeing with the collective wellbeing” is critical. And it’s something the World Academy of Arts & Science is championing through the human security for all campaign, in a bid to “spread a message that the challenges our society is facing such as climate change are important in relation to human security” making them “important on a personal level, to each and every person.”

Dr Neskovic adds that finding “so many people from different aspects of society” at COP28 “eager to deal with climate change and deal with the challenges that we are facing” fills her with a #COPHalfFull sense of optimism about the future.

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