Empowering Tomorrow’s Youth Through the Power of Filmmaking

In a collaboration between Human Security For All (HS4A) and the International Kids Film Festival (IKFF), we hosted an online filmmaking masterclass that captured the imaginations of more than 8,000 children from over 150 schools.

The positive feedback highlighted the effectiveness of using film as a tool for education and awareness, while introducing them to the concept of human security for the very first time.

The collaborative effort with IKFF resulted in a workshop that was educational and entertaining and aimed to enlighten children about current global issues that would inspire them to make a positive impact. The workshop delved into the eight dimensions of human security, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges humanity faces today:

  • Political Freedom: Freedom from oppression, torture, and other human rights violations.
  • Access to Healthcare: Ensuring access to healthcare and protection against infectious diseases.
  • Economic Security: Assured basic income, livelihood, or social safety nets.
  • Community Security: Preservation of culture, identity, and safety from exclusion, discrimination, and ethnic conflict.
  • Personal Safety & Mobility: Protection from violent conflict, domestic violence, crime, and abuse.
  • Access to Technology: Enhancing the human experience and enabling more with less.
  • Environmental Protection: Safety from natural and climate-induced disasters, and resource scarcity due to environmental degradation.
  • Food Security: Physical and affordable access to basic food.

HS4A Public Relations Manager Dora Damjan engaged the young attendees by presenting each pillar in a unique way, utilizing two excerpts from mainstream movies to illustrate each human security pillar. The movie clips highlighted both the positive and negative aspects of the pillars, as a way of stimulating debate, raising awareness and encouraging critical thinking among the children.

As a follow-up to the workshop, the attendees were invited to participate in a short film competition on the theme of Human Security. The response was overwhelming, with numerous entries showcasing the creativity and understanding of these young filmmakers. The winning film, chosen after a rigorous selection process, will be featured on the HS4A website in the weeks ahead and provide a platform for these budding filmmakers to share their perspectives on crucial global issues.

This creative collaboration educated children on the importance of human security and empowered them to express their thoughts through the powerful medium of film. By engaging the younger generation in these critical discussions, we are fostering a future generation of informed and compassionate global citizens who understand the importance of making a difference in the world.

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