Empowering Tomorrow’s Youth Through the Power of Filmmaking

In a collaboration between Human Security For All (HS4A) and the International Kids Film Festival (IKFF), we hosted an online filmmaking masterclass that captured the imaginations of more than 8,000 children from over 150 schools. The positive feedback highlighted the effectiveness of using film as a tool for education and awareness, while introducing them to […]

Creating Conditions for Peaceful Futures

Between 18-20 October 2023, the Human Security for All (HS4A) team took part in the “Evolutionary Renaissance Assembly: The Dream of the Earth,” hosted by the Global Education Futures, a global think-do-tank that researches and prototypes the future of skills and learning for educational organizations, governments, and business. The event aimed to catalyze a conversation […]

We Join Charles Oppenheimer in London to Explore His Legacy and Vision for Human Security

On the 16th of October at the social club House of Koko in London, members gathered for an event titled “The Oppenheimer Legacy with Charles Oppenheimer.” The event was a deep dive into history, anchored by Charles Oppenheimer’s evocative speech, where he shed light on the monumental legacy of his grandfather, Robert Oppenheimer. Charles’s words […]

We Celebrate Unity and Peace in Times Square, New York

On September 21, 2023, a significant beacon of peace through unity and harmony shone brightly from the heart of New York City — Times Square. With the power of music, human connection, and our shared hope for a more peaceful and regenerative future, a 5-hour live broadcast took place, that included the Human Security for All campaign. […]

The Imperative of Human Security within the Framework of Love

From June 17-24, World Unity Week 2023 heralded an invaluable occasion for the HS4A campaign to articulate its mission surrounding the paradigm of human security. The event, New Earth Rising, substantiated the critical confluence of changemakers, academics, and spiritual luminaries, underscoring that unity is not merely a conceptual ideal but a requisite for global progression. […]

Exploring Human Security: Online Webinar Co-hosted by IPU and HS4A

In a thought-provoking online webinar, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Human Security for All campaign (HS4A) joined forces to delve into the concept of human security and its implications for global well-being. The webinar captivated audiences worldwide as esteemed speakers and participants delved into the intricate dimensions of human security, sparking a call for […]